Frontend architecture shouldn't be complicated.

We provide practical on-site training and guides to make frontend development straightforward.
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What we do

User interfaces on the web are more expressive and complex than ever. We teach you proven strategies for simplifying, testing, and maintaining your frontend.

Our work is based on best practices gleaned from architecting JavaScript frameworks and libraries used in production by tens of thousands of developers.

How we help

Engineering, design, and product are out of sync. Teams lose momentum on circular conversations and spec churn. We teach teams pragmatic workflows and techniques for creating UIs with components.
Frontend architecture is more complex than ever. Developers waste time on endless configuration and tough tradeoffs. We provide best practice on making your frontend modular and flexible.
Customers don’t report UI bugs. UI regressions slip through the cracks and result in shoddy experiences. We make it dead simple to setup and integrate UI tests into your workflow.
Speed up
UIs have tricky data requirements. Performance time suffers with traditional data access patterns. We make it painless to get the exact data needed on demand so that your apps load instantly.
Stop building the same UI components over and over. Apps are littered with custom components that do the same thing. We guide companies on how to easily reuse components to deliver consistent UIs every time.

Who we are

Chroma is Tom, Dom, and Zol, frontend architects and UI engineers based in San Francisco. We teach developers and companies how to get the most out of modern JavaScript technologies through on-site training and in-depth guides.

Teams at Apple, Havas, and Credo have trusted us to solve their frontend challenges. We've helped tens of thousands of people architect their apps as core engineers of popular JavaScript framework Meteor and widely-loved GraphQL client Apollo.

Professional developers rely on our books, presentations, and articles to master the craft of frontend. They depend on React Storybook, a component explorer we help maintain, to engineer production UIs.

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