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Work from our HQ in sunny Oakland/California or remote from any US continental timezone.

Web frontend engineer

You dream in CSS, JSX and JavaScript having worked with React for at least a couple of years and HTML/CSS for many years before. You’re thrilled to see the craft of frontend having matured into a disciplined branch of the software engineering field. This means the use of TypeScript for complex code, a comprehensive suite of tests and good software design through the use of pure components, modular css frameworks and well encapsulated data access. You’re excited by the animation capabilities modern browsers now have to deliver a delightful user experiencing and are well versed in their use.

You have great empathy towards users and this stems from knowing that your work defines the user experience in front of the entire product. As a result, you’re constantly on the lookout for UX improvements and advocating to have them prioritized. This includes perceived performance - you understand that the frontend has the power to both create performance problems but also the power to improve the user experience when backend performance limitations exist.

Your sweet spot is when you work with a product designer to hammer out the visual+function spec but ultimately you own the end to end product experience.

Does this sound like you? If so, join us in creating delightful user experiences using modern frontend tech!  

Update: This position is now filled. If you're an exceptional candidate and excited about our mission, we'd still love to hear from you!


Developer evangelist

You’re a skilled frontend developer but your real passion is with people and communities. You get a thrill out of helping others succeed and this drives you to spread the word far and wide about new technologies and best practices you see to be at the leading edge of your craft. You understand the power of multiplicity and this means you measure your success in terms of the number of people who you’ve helped succeed.

You’ve been keenly following along the quiet revolution happening in web frontend over the last few years but feel like there’s still a lot to be done before it’s over. This includes the move to componentized view layers, JAMStack & SPAs, GraphQL and design systems. You see the power of developing modular components in isolation and will talk about it with anyone who’s willing to listen.

When writing code, you’re usually found building an example or tutorial showing off what you’re currently excited about. You understand that a tutorial is best served by a write-up which is why you’re quick to showcase your work with a well written blog post, tutorial, guide or video. Perhaps the most exciting part of the process is sharing that content with your audience and community at large.

Engaging with social media is second nature to you and you’re often found hanging out on Twitter, Medium, Reddit, HN and other online developer communities that are still so new we haven’t even heard about them yet.

Occasionally, you get excited about meeting some of the folks from your online community in the flesh. This draws you to attending conferences, meetups and other gatherings. Apart from socializing and hearing about new trends, this is often an opportunity to showcase your ideas and you’re not too shy to get up on stage to do so.

Does this sound like you? If it does, join us and change the way modern web apps are built! Given our reason for being is to build new technology for developers, there’s no shortage of interesting material for you to work with. Our heavy involvement with open source means nothing you do will be in the dark and there’s a thriving community eager to engage with you.


Cloud Systems Engineer

Precision and correctness are two of your core values. Thanks in part to your formal CS education, you have an excellent understanding of algorithm performance and can make good decisions regarding technical tradeoffs. You know the fundamentals of how computers and networks operate and have programmed in a low level language such a C or Go. Your Node.js experience builds on top of these fundamentals and you have a complete understanding of the Node event loop.

You have real world experience building complex systems and keeping them humming. You find great satisfaction in solving challenges that only appear at scale. It helps that you're an expert at troubleshooting problems using a vast amount of logs generated across multiple services. Once you've identified a performance bottleneck, you know how to correct it.

Whilst you spend most of your time writing software, setting up infrastructure from time to time is no big deal and you're comfortable working with Linux, Docker and GCP/AWS.

Does this sound like you? If it does, join us and change the way modern web apps are built! You’ll be directly responsible for shaping the architecture behind our unique infrastructure. This is not just a standard webapp but a complex, highly elastic, multi-cloud browser rendering service consisting of mostly stateless and some stateful services.

When you apply, please describe the scale (# users, requests/day, # of hosts, etc) of the largest systems you've built and run including the challenges you overcame.

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