Hi, we're Chroma. We build tools to help frontend developers build, test, and share UI components.

Components are the basic building block of UIs.  In modern view layers like React, Vue, and Angular developers build complex UIs out of simple components. Chroma’s mission is to make UI component development organized, repeatable, and satisfying. We're creating a world where developing app UIs is as easy as Lego.

We maintain Storybook the most popular open source tool for developing UI components. It’s used by thousands of companies like Lyft, Airbnb, and GitHub to engineer UIs for millions of people.

Chroma is run by Storybook core maintainers. We speak at conferences, write books, articles, and tutorials related to Component-Driven Development using Storybook.

To fuel our open source and community work we make Chromatic, an industrial-grade visual testing service for UI components and libraries made for Storybook. It's used by Adobe, BBC, Salesforce, Zenefits and Storybook itself.


  1. Zoltan Olah
  2. Dominic Nguyen
  3. Tom Coleman
  4. Norbert de Langen
  5. Michael Shilman
  6. Kyle Suss
  7. Gert Hengeveld

We’re open source veterans who believe that important innovations start with open source. Previously, we helped launch widely-loved Apollo GraphQL, an application data layer adopted by the biggest tech companies on the planet including GitHub and Airbnb.

Before that, we were core engineers of Meteor, the first full-stack JavaScript framework. While there we pioneered ubiquitous innovations in the JavaScript ecosystem like hot module reloading, declarative view layers, and optimistic UI. 

We're growing, join us


angels & advisors

Christian Bach
Netlify Founder
Andrew Goldman
Taxstudio Founder
Augusto Marietti
Kong Founder
Mathias Biilmann
Netlify Founder
Adam Wiggins
Heroku Founder
Ohad Emer-Pressman
Stackbit Founder


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